Terms & Conditions

Things to know and understand when you enter the Jumbojam recording studio as a client.

You are hiring Basil Simon as a producer/engineer. You are compensating him monetarily for his time as per your agreed package, and for the use of his electricity. You are also paying him for the use of his music production equipment. Basil Simon will engineer the recording session but will by default NOT contribute any advice, help or ideas on a creative level. He will take direction from you the client and all results will be a result of that direction. Basil Simon will also include his mixing ability, frequency blending and sounds suggestions. He will also provide sensible experienced guidance on vocal delivery and musical performances if required and welcomed. You are not hiring Basil Simon as a writer. If you decide to use Basil Simon’s knowledge, experience and musical ability then this may result in your song receiving his intellectual property and performance. When a composition receives additional creative input from a new writer this moves the status of the session from ‘recording session’ to ‘recording and writing session’. When you welcome Basil Simon to contribute his creative ability to your project you are entering into a collaboration with him. It is important to note that this has legal ramifications.

Intellectual property and rights.

If you wrote a song and arrive with that song and absolutely no new parts are added to the arrangement, lyrics or musical notation of that song then you walk away retaining 100% of the intellectual property in that production.

If Basil Simon contributes any new parts whatsoever then it is important to understand that this is him adding his intellectual property. In this case the ownership of the song becomes shared and must be acknowledged as such when registering the song with PRS or other worldwide collection organisations.

What constitutes a “new part”?

a) Any new part that is repeated as a hook.
b) Any new musical phrase that is repeated during the arrangement of the song.
c) Any new lyrics added by Basil Simon that are repeated during the song.

In simple terms: If the song that is produced is not exactly the same in terms of writing as it was when it arrived at the studio then it needs to be acknowledged that it did in fact change. If those changes are due to Basil Simon’s creative input / contribution or ideas then this means the song has become a “collaboration”.

All songs that are a collaboration warrant an equal 50%50 split in royalties. (two writers) If the song was originally written by more than one writer then the royalties will be split equally by all participants.

Included extras

During your visit to Basil Simon’s home studio you will be treated as a valued guest and will be offered food and refreshments during the day as would be normal in any social visit situation. You will have full use of the bathroom facilities and use of the kitchen facilities during any full day sessions. (fridge – plates and cutlery – water – appliances etc..) Please note: Liquid is not permitted to be taken to the equipment half of the studio. Use of the properties WIFI will be allowed and use of the printer will be permitted for lyric sheets. Any extra requirements outside of the ones described above should be requested. All requests will be considered. Requests may or may not be facilitated depending on Jumbojam policy.

Mixing amendments

note: Jumbojam requests that you do acknowledge that unforseen issues can and do often occur in a studio environment and so it would be wise to book your visit within a flexible calendar time scale. Jumbojam accepts no responsibility for any financial rammifications or losses iincurred to a client because of any required extra visit due to unforseen circumstances. This will be acknowledged as “an act of God”.

The recording session will be carried out within the agreed time frame as specified in your package deal. If there are any delays that happen out of the control of the client due to technical difficulties or unforeseen circumstances in the Jumbojam studio then a fair extension on the session will be agreed. If this requires an additional visit by you the client then the appropriate arrangement will be made at no extra charge to the client.

The final mix will be done according to the specified time frame stated in your package deal. If this runs over you will need to negotiate an appropriate additional payment plan with Basil Simon. Any amendments being requested by you the client after the completion of the agreed package deal time period will be regarded as “new work”. New work requires a new payment agreement. Time is money!

Product delivery

You the client will receive the agreed final product in the agreed file formats. Delivery can be made in a variety of ways including:

a) directly onto a provided USB stick.
b) To an email address via “wetransfer”
c) Via download links from the internet
d) Burned onto a provided CD Rom disc.

Files will be kept in the Jumbojam archive for no longer than 12 months. If you the client makes a request for the files to be delivered again due to loss or other reasons within 12 months of the recording session then a charge of £20 will be incurred (up front) as an admin fee.

Loss and damage

You the client are expected to treat any equipment in the Jumbojam studio with respect and care. If any damage arises out of a lack of care then you will be liable for the cost of any damage. If a piece of equipment malfunctions during “normal” usage then this will not be regarded as something you the client can be liable for.

Please note:

Jumbojam can not guarantee the safety of any items left at the studio after departure. Of course a normal honest and caring attitude will be adopted by us in such circumstances and we will work to reunite you with your items. However being reunited is not guaranteed. Be sure to take everything away with you that you arrived with.

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