Music heals

music has power to heal

Here at Jumbojam we fully understand the power music has to effect us in a positive way.

That is why we seek out artists who are conscious and wide awake when it comes to saying something real through their music. 

The jeorney we are all taking through life has its difficult moments, its joyful moments and periods that mark transition and change in our development. It is very common for a piece of music to become  a neurological landmark for the mind and so serves to remind us of these noteable times.

music reminds us
music marks times in our lives

Jumbojam is a fresh exciting label that intends to deliver music for the masses that is both cool and smart!

Lyrics matter a lot so you can definitely expect some great writing to be released through our label. If you know an artist in need of help with development who fits our criterea for partnership then please do email us and let us know about your great find!

Have a great day!