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Get Your Free Vocals/Song Appraisal From Basil Simon

If you need a professional opinion about your writing or vocal ability then we are here to help.

Producer Basil Simon will deliver a free report informing you what is good about your ability and where you need to develop further. You will recieve advice and tips on how to go forward with your development.

Basil will need to hear your song or vocals.

If you have a recording then send that to us. If you do not, then just record yourself singing on your phone and send that.

Click here now to write an email introducing yourself.

If you can not record yourself then you do have the option to book an appraisal session by calling the number below. One on one appraisal sessions cost £25.

If you are sending a recording (under 2mb mp3) then allow a little time for your reply but if no one gets back within 7 days then call 01535630109 to make an enquiry.

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