Recording Studio – Jumbojam – Sutton in Craven – Nr Keighley and Skipton BD20

You have found the private home recording studio of UK Producer Basil Simon.

The recording studio is located in Sutton in Craven. Sutton in Craven is also between Keighley and Skipton in North Yorkshire. Additionally, this is the official recording facility of Jumbojam Recording Services, and; the Jumbojam record label.

The recording studio of Basil Simon at Jumbojam
recording studio – Jumbojam

We have created some special recording packages for singers, song writers, rappers and musicians.

Additionally, we have special development packages that will help you get your music out into the world on sale via all major download portals. Jumbojam aims to help musicians, artists and singers get ahead in the music industry!

And thats not all!

Jumbojam has a sister company called Craven web. Craven web is a design house with magic internet powers! State of the art technology help is available here for bands, singers and artists with any artwork requirements including posters , cd covers and stage banners too. Additionally, cool web site development is available here also.  There is also help with domain name purchase and the set up of your secure server space if you need that.  We do it all!

When you join the Jumbojam family you walk into a seriously powerful situation. Everything you need to get yourself out there in to the world is all under one roof!

Jumbojam Rocks!

Musicians and singers are welcome to book time at the studio.  Professional development of songs and also instrumental music is our speciality.

UK Producer Basil Simon will engineer and produce your audio to the highest degree of music industry standards in his Skipton recording studio. Therefore, delivering you the best possible audio product. Additionally, mixing and mastering is available from Jumbojam partners at the Pels Syndycate. The Pels Syndicate is a world class mixing and mastering talent who are located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Their studio is very well equipped. Moreover,  It is packed with many state of the art audio processing units therefore guaranteeing an amazing finish!

Hardware and software in the Jumbojam recording studio near Keighley & Skipton is of very high quality and  does also include:

  • Moog Voyager
  • Roland VP770
  • Dave Smith Prophet 08
  • Roland Juno G classic synth
  • Yamaha Motif
  • Cubase and also Protools too.
  • Vienna instruments
  • Neumann U87 mic
  • Native instruments Kontakt
  • Mackie Onyx 1620i analogue mixer
  • Drawmer 1961 valve equalisation
  • Steinberg MR816 CSX fire wire digital audio interface
  • Lexicon PCM 91 effects

UK producer Basil Simon is the head of audio production at Jumbojam Keighley & Skipton. And; you may know him from X-Factor during the year of Little Mix, who were also the winners of the 2011 show.

Olly Murs-Caroline Flack-UK producer Basil Simon-recording studio Sutton in Craven
UK Producer Basil Simon X Factor 2011

Recording studio artists may also benefit too from special distribution packages. Finished singles and albums will consequently be made available for purchase worldwide from all reputable download platforms. As distribution is handled by State 51, you will be guaranteed special attention too!

Check out the Jumbojam studio packages here.

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The Jumbojam recording studio is also perfect for:

  • Singer song writers development and production.
  • Recording a demo at comparatively higher quality than most studios.
  • X-Factor preparation and also recording backing tracks too.
  • Singers recording covers.
  • Professional music recording, Moreover; Instrument recording.
  • Songs developed and then recorded from scratch.
  • Musicians, singers and song writers located in and around Keighley, Skipton, Silsden, Bingley & Bradford
  • Musicians, singers and song writers located in Leeds are only 30 mins away from our closest railway station – Steeton and Silsden. Curtesy car available for pick up.

UK producer Basil Simon is also available for bespoke music composition too, and; original song writing for bands and singers in Yorkshire and the world!

He is a professional English composer and recording studio producer who has been credited with many compositions including; the Sealand National Anthem. Additionally, Basil Simon has also had music used and featured by many major organisations such as; The BBC, Channel 5, Sky TV, Shift active media and many more.

During the 2010 Tour De France, Basil’s composition “Killer Machine” was used by the Sky cycling team for a promotion video.

Consequently, the Sky team  went on to become the winners!

More recently, Basil Simon had three songs taken by international EDM artist Jimmy Sion for his forthcoming new album. According to Jimmy, Basil’s song; “Boom Boom”, is the best song he has ever heard in his life! Additionally, Jimmy is planning a major video for this song too.

If you would like to have UK producer Basil Simon write music for you too, or write songs for your act, then contact him now.

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