Basscamp Recording Studio – Sutton in Craven

Basscamp is the private home studio of Basil Simon located in Sutton in Craven between Keighley and Skipton in North Yorkshire.

The studio of Basil Simon at Jumbojam
Basscamp studios – Jumbojam

Musicians and singers are very welcome to book time at the studio for the professional development of songs and music projects.

Basil Simon will engineer and produce your audio to the highest of music industry standards. Mixing and mastering is provided by Jumbojam partners at the Pels Syndycate located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The studio is well equipped with many state of the art audio processing units.

Hardware and software in the recording studio includes:

  • Moog Voyager
  • Roland VP770
  • Dave Smith Prophet 08
  • Roland Juno G classic synth
  • Yamaha Motif
  • Cubase
  • Pro tools
  • Vienna instruments
  • Neumann U87 mic
  • ┬áNative instruments Kontakt
  • Mackie Onyx 1620i analogue mixer
  • Drawmer 1961 valve equalisation
  • Stienberg MR816 CSX fire wire digital audio interface
  • Lexicon PCM 91 effects

Basil Simon is the head producer at Jumbojam. You may know him from X-Factor during the year of Little Mix, winners of the 2011 show.

Olly Murs-Caroline Flack-Basil Simon
Basil Simon X Factor 2011

Recording artists may also benefit from special distribution packages that makes finished singles and albums available for purchase worldwide from all reputable download platforms via State 51.

Check out the Jumbojam studio packages here.

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Basscamp recording studio is perfect for:

  • Singer song writers development and production
  • Recording a demo
  • X-Factor preparation – recording backing tracks
  • Singers recording covers
  • Professional music recording
  • Song development and recording projects – from scratch

Basil Simon is also available for bespoke music composition and original song writing for bands and singers.

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