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Producer composer Basil Simon at Jumbojam Studios
Basil Simon helps developing artists and singer songwriters

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Recording Studio Yorkshire

Jumbojam recording studio Yorkshire is the private home recording facility of UK producer Basil Simon. It is located in Sutton in Craven. Sutton in Craven is local to Keighley and Skipton in North Yorkshire. Additionally, this is the home of Jumbojam Recording Services, and; the Jumbojam record label so read on to find futher information about Jumbojam’s recording services and UK producer Basil Simon.

We have created some special recording deals servicing singers, song writers, rappers and musicians.

All types of voice recording catered for.

If you are in need of recording a vocal over music, over video or maybe for a radio advert then you are in the right place! We cater for all narration and vocal recording requirements. Click here to learn more about our voice recording services

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Artist Development Services

We have special artist development help available that will help singers, writers and bands get their music published and so on sale via all major download portals. Jumbojam aims to help musicians, artists and singers resulting in them getting ahead quicker in the music industry! If you are a band in need of help to grow your presence in the industry then Jumbojam can assist here too. We can deliver a plan allowing any band to arrive onto the scene resulting in them getting noticed by major record companies. It takes hard work, commitment and energy to achieve this but you can do it. Let us show you how!

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When you join the Jumbojam family you walk into a powerful situation. Everything you need to get yourself out there into the world is all under one roof including:

  • Professional Appraisals For Artist Development
  • Coaching & Guidance For Song Writers And Composers
  • Full Recording Service
  • Mastering Services
  • Music Marketing Advice
  • Global Distribution: Spotify – I-Tunes – All Major Download And Streaming Services.

It isnt always easy to be self objective as an artist. Creative people are typically emotional so hindering objective self analysis. Jumbojam can help! We will fully assess your current level of development and then make sensible recommendations.

Jumbojam Rocks!

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Recording studio Yorkshire. Record an album with Basil Simon Producer Composer
Basil Simon Producer singer songwriter Yorkshire UK BD20

High Quality Audio Recording Services

UK Producer, arranger, composer Basil Simon will engineer and produce your audio to the highest degree of music industry standards. Additionally, mixing and mastering is available from Jumbojam partners at the Pels Syndicate. The Pels Syndicate is a world class mixing and mastering talent located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Their studio is equipped with state of the art audio processing units therefore guaranteeing an amazing finish!

Recording studio Yorkshire – Jumbojam – Distribution.

Check out the Jumbojam studio recording packages here.

Our best recording artists may benefit from special distribution packages. The best singles and albums can be made available for purchase worldwide from all reputable download platforms via the Jumbojam label. Distribution is handled by State 51.

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Jumbojam recording studio services Yorkshire cater for:

  • Singer song writers development and production.
  • Recording a demo at comparatively higher quality than most studios.
  • X-Factor preparation and also recording backing tracks too.
  • Singers recording covers.
  • Live instrument recording.
  • Songs developed and then recorded from scratch.
  • Musicians, singers and song writers located in and around Keighley, Skipton, Silsden, Bingley, Bradford, Leeds and Yorkshire.
  • Musicians, singers and song writers located in Leeds are only 30 mins away from our closest railway station – Steeton and Silsden. Courtesy car available for pick up.
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UK producer Basil Simon is available for bespoke music composition & original song writing in Yorkshire and the world!

Basil is a professional English composer and recording studio producer. He has been credited as composer for many compositions. His most notable composition being the Sealand National Anthem. Additionally, Basil Simon has had music used by many major organisations such as; The BBC, Channel 5, Sky TV, Shift active media and many more. Basil Simon is a composer who’s original song writing and music composition skills continually adapt in line with current market trends.

During the 2010 Tour De France, Basil’s composition “Killer Machine” was used by the Sky cycling team for a promotion video.

The Sky team  went on to become the winners!

More recently, As a professional song writer, Basil Simon had three songs taken by international EDM artist Jimmy Sion for his forthcoming new album. According to Jimmy, Basil’s song; “Boom Boom”, is the best song he has ever heard in his life! An incredible compliment and honour! Additionally, Jimmy is planning a major video for this song too.

Staying Current

The leading edge of the commercial music industry is constantly shifting. Of course there are safe genre choices an artist can make in order to fit a target market however becoming remarkable in that market requires a different approach. Being regarded as ‘current’ isnt really the aim either because by the time an artist has executed a marketing campaign a product can be suddenly ‘old’. Basil Simon has the ability to solve this problem. He will take your music and apply creative treatment that will then make your product current with a ‘twist’.

Making a track ‘fresh’

By applying smart advancements in terms of recording technique, writing formula, sound choices and fusions, it is entirely possible to make a music production ‘fresh’. When a track becomes fresh it will then naturally stand a better chance of gaining attention from the mainstream music media. If your marketing promotion information is written well enough to make clear exactly ‘why’ your track breaks new ground, then the release can arrive to market resulting in the excitement needed to drive sales. The only way the general public can be excited about your track is if that excitement is passed to them from mainstream media. Magazine writers, radio hosts and word of mouth in general is all important for creating excitement around your product. Your promotional package will enable this ‘buzz’. This is of course assuming you have a killer song!

If you would like to have UK producer Basil Simon write music for you too, write songs for your act or help out with any special music/audio projects then contact him now.

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